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Species are arranged in groups, using Yves Lamoureux’s system, used in his L’Herbier de Macromycetes du Cercle des Mycologues de Montreal.

For a list of specimens found in our collection, click on the group that interests you:


1.      Myxomycetes  
2.      Ascomycetes
3.      Hymenomycetes -  Tremellales and similar
4.      Polypores, Stereum and similar
5.      Hydnellum and similar
6.      Clavaria and similar
7.      Chantarelles and similar
8.      Pleurotaceae and similar
9.      Hygrophoraceae
10.  Tricholomas, Clitocybes and similar
11.  Collybia, Marasmius, Mycena and similar
12.  Cortinarius, Crepidotus, Galerina, Hebeloma, Inocybe and similar
13.  Agrocybe, Bolbitius,and Conocybe
14.  Hypholoma, Pholiota, Psilocybe and Stropharia
15.  Coprinus, Paneolus and Psathyrella
16.  Lepiota, Agaricus and similar
17.  Pluteus and Volvariella
18.  Amanita and Limacella
19.  Entoloma, Clitopilus
20.  Lactarius and Russulas
21.  Gomphidius, Paxillus and similar
22.  Boletes
23.  Gasteromycetes
24.   Corticiaciales and similar